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Contacting Your Spirit Guide
This book is designed to help you find your spirit guide
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Author: Sylvia Browne
Publisher: Hay House
Published: Sep 28, 2005
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This book is designed to help you find your spirit guide -- the entity who is designated by you and God to help you with life and give you guidance. This book will not only help you tune in to this guide, but recognize who he/she is, the messages he/she can give you, and even discern what their names are so you'll know how to refer to them. Knowing about your guide and also being able to recognize him/her helps them pierce the veil from their world to ours, allowing us to get better "reception."

Thousands have benefited from these methods through my psychic readings, and now it's available for all of you to explore. You, too, can find glory in God's love, Who not only protects us, but sends these messengers to help us.
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