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God, Creation and Tools for Life
From the Journey of the Soul Series - Book 1
Item: #29294
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Author: Sylvia Browne
Publisher: Hay House
Published: Mar 01, 2000
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Psychic and spiritual teacher Sylvia Browne has appeared on all the right talk shows--Montel Williams, Larry King Live, Coast to Coast with Art Bell, and Unsolved Mysteries, to name only a few--touting her bestselling books Adventures of a Psychic and The Other Side and Back. Find out what all the ruckus is about in Book I of her Journey of the Soul series. Browne primarily channels through her spiritual guide, Francine, but she occasionally treats readers with insights from her "psychic grandmother" Ada. Together they talk about subjects ranging from meditation to reincarnation in three separate, thought-provoking sections. Founder of The Society of Novus Spiritus, a church based upon Christian Gnostic theology in Campbell, California, Browne introduces the book with a prayer, hoping that "the new spirit of enlightenment will rise out of all guilt and fear"--a worthy intention that signals the astonishing array of topics touched on in this book.
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